Uyonet celebrates it’s 2017 International youth day by taking part in a marathon at Kyambogo University college


The International Youth Day is an international observance on August 12th officially recognized around the world every year

. It was instituted as a way to promote awareness of the world programme of Action for youth development in all spheres of life.
On this day, Uyonet joined the international community to commemorate the International Youth Day aimed at “promoting peace”towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
The celebrations took place at Kyambogo University college where a Marathon was held




A total of 10 UYONET member organisations benefited from the UYONET Youth to Youth grant to support their day to day youth advocacy and governance work.

Youth After School Initiative was facilitated to mobilize 120 young people to engage in civic awareness on tax justice and conduct one public dialogue to provide platform for civic interaction and political accountability, and so far it has reached a total of 241 youth,

Bugisu NGO Forum facilitated to sensitise 100 local citizens on their rights and responsibilities, Train 80 youth councilors in their roles and responsibilities, and enhance the capacity of 20 CSOs to conduct civic education at LG level.

ADYOFU was facilitated to train 50 newly elected youth leaders at sub county and district level in lobby skills and develop the capacity of 60 ADYOFU youth groups and 28 individual members in implementation and promotion of the NYM.

Amaro Youth Development Network was facilitated to conduct capacity building training for 20 newly elected youth leaders, conduct a district young leaders’ summit of 30 people and conduct one management forum of 30 people.

Kawempe Youth Center was supported to procure one laptop to boost the ICT department, one reception desk and to print and disseminate promotional material to popularise the ICT services at the center. KYC has been able to reach a total of 198 young people due to the improvements in the facilities.
Network of Youth Organisations in Wakiso was facilitated to empower 50 youth leaders to actively participate in main streaming democratic processes, reach 45 women and youth leaders and provide them with a platform to fully engage with their communities,

Kagoma Youth Development Network was facilitated to orient 50 youth leaders from the lower councils in their roles and responsibilities, popularize the National Youth Manifesto among 40 youth leaders in Jinja District and conduct an AGM of 20 participants.

Action for Youth Development was supported to enhance capacity of 30 youth leaders in debate and public speaking and popularize the NYM among 100 youth.

TUA Uganda planned to induct 20 youth leaders in their roles and responsibilities, conduct one advocacy forum for young people to demand accountability from their local leaders.




The government of Uganda is implementing the YLP program and unfortunately over the years; there were no clear cohesion and focus and there the guidelines were not being implemented and also the government was not putting in place the right check mechanisms coupled with poor record keeping by the groups, and there were reports of misuse of funds by the district officials. UYONET has been engaging with government; specifically, with the Ministry of Gender and the youth livelihood fund manager to review guidelines for the Youth Livelihood fund policies so that they can better benefit the youth. After a series of engagements; the government has finally agreed to review the guidelines and also take on some of the key recommendations passed on to them as can be seen from the picture (on the right) but also from the meetings actions we have had with them.im3.jpg



Uganda Youth Network (UYONET), in partnership with Center For Policy Analysis (CEPA), Open Space Centre the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Youth Affairs (UPFYA) and African Youth Development Link convened the National Youth Leaders Dialohue 2017 as a post budget youth reflection platform for the national youth leadership to give a youth lens to the just read National Budget. The dialogue targeted over 80 participants including youth activists, student leaders from selected universities and high schools, a regional representation of youth councilors, National Youth Council Executive and the five Youth Members of Parliament.

The leaders shared their views and opinions on whether the newly launched National Budget delivers their aspirations and those of the nation and these were summarized in form of a joint statement which will be used for follow up advocacy by the convening partners.

This was also an opportunity to align government expenditure with the Technical Youth Manifesto 2016-2021 and register commitments from youth leaders and youth serving organisations on a consensual advocacy strategy that will enable realisation of the youth demands.